How to Determine the Right Moving Truck Rental Size

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It’s a moving day. You’re standing out of your house with all your belongings. There’s a mixed emotion of excitement and anxiety. As you load your chattels and furniture into the truck, you realize that the truck you’ve rented is too small. 

Usually, this scenario happens at times, creating catastrophic situations. Thus, renting the right moving truck size is vital to make your moving process as smooth as possible.

This blog will help you choose the correct size moving truck rental to ease your transition.

How to Pick the Right Moving Truck Rental Size

Whether you’re a single person living in a small, one-bedroom city apartment with limited furniture but many small items and books or a family moving from a four-bedroom home with lots of furniture and a garage full of tools, the below-mentioned factors will help you determine the right moving truck size based on your needs.

Determine the Size of Your Home

Knowing the exact size of your home is the first step in choosing the right moving truck. This will give you a prominent idea of your moving truck needs.

For instance, a 500-square-foot apartment requires a smaller truck than a 2500-square-foot house.

The volume of the items depends on the type, usage, and number of rooms. More rooms imply more belongings and furniture. Also, it’s essential to consider your things in the garage and basement while choosing the size of your moving truck.

Assess Your belongings

Create a list of items and categorize them by room and type. This will help you determine the volume and quantity of items.

For instance, a few large pieces like pianos or sofas require more space than numerous boxes. Also, remember the items that require special handling or additional space, like fragile antiques or large artworks.

Use a Moving Calculator

You can use an online moving calculator to estimate the truck size that works best for you based on the size of your current space and the quantity of your belongings. 

Once you feed in the details of all the stuff you’re taking with you, the calculator will give you an estimate of the right moving truck size in cubic feet.

Caution! Always use these online moving calculators as guidelines, and they may not account for unique items or personal packing efficiency.

Consult with Rental Truck Companies

As a last resort, consult a rental truck advisor for a more precise idea based on your moving needs. Professionals can offer tailored advice considering various factors like ease of loading, unloading, and driving distance.

Moreover, you’ll better understand the potential cost incurred in transition that works best for you.

Understanding the Truck Sizes

Understanding the standard truck sizes suitable for various space and weight limits will give a basic idea of what you are looking for.

Size of SpaceSuggested truck SizeWeight Limit
Studio apartment10 feet; 402 cubic feet2,850 pounds
1 – bedroom apartment12 feet; 450 cubic feet3,100 pounds
2 – bedroom apartment15 feet; 764 cubic feet6,385 pounds
3 – bedroom house20 feet; 1,016 cubic feet5,700 pounds
5 – bedroom house26 feet; 1,682 cubic feet12,859 pounds

Types of rental Moving Trucks Available at Seeco

Whether you are a family who wants to move across the country, a business that wants to relocate your warehouse, or a culinary industry that wants to transport food items over long long-distance, we have covered everything.

Dry Vans

If you are a family moving across the country and looking for a secure yet spacious solution to shift your diverse household belongings, Dry Van is the one for you.

Dry Vans are best suited for long-distance moving because of their enclosed and secured nature. Whether it’s furniture, electronics, or large interiors, dry vans offer abundant space and can withstand adverse road conditions, ensuring that your goods maintain their condition until reaching your destination.

Different Dry Van sizes Available:

  • 28-foot Dry Van
  • 48-foot Dry Van
  • 53-foot Dry Van


Forklifts work best if you want to relocate your warehouse, requiring heavy lifting.

Moreover, Electric forklifts bring smooth and powerful performance and ease the process of navigation. With power and precision, forklifts ensure the safe handling of your goods.

Type of Forklift at Seeco

Electric Forklift


If you are managing a construction site and want your team to be lifted to the top of an unfinished building, manlifts are the best. Manlift safely lift your team and get them where they need to be.

If you are an event manager and want the entire hall to be decorated with lights and banners, manlifts are spacious to hold you and your decorative materials. Moreover, the heights of manlifts can be adjusted, ensuring that every corner of the room is decorated.


If you are running a catering business and want to transport the food items to a distant event location, reefers will ensure the freshness upon arrival.

Reefers at Seeco use leading-edge cooling systems specific to your cargo’s temperature needs, ensuring an optimal environment and precise climate conditions for transporting perishables.

Different Reefer sizes Available:

  • 28 foot Reefer
  • 35 foot Reefer
  • 38 foot Reefer
  • 48 foot Reefer
  • 53 foot Reefer

Scissor Lift Rentals

Scissor Lift Rentals are best for urban construction or renovation projects because of their stability, flexibility, adjustable platforms, and elevation capabilities.

You can opt for scissor lift rentals if you manage a construction project in a confined space and want your crew to be lifted to work at height.

Truck Rental

Truck rentals are best for transporting goods across the country. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies ensures smooth and efficient transportation of goods.

With excellent handling and vast space, trucks ensure timely and safe transportation of goods.

Loading Tips and Supplies Needed

Efficient loading and the right supplies are the key factors to maximize the use of moving truck space. Proper loading, handling, and organizing of the materials help save time, money, and effort.

Loading Tips

  1. Start with a Plan – Having a loading plan before beginning will make the process smooth, efficient, and effective.
  2. Load Largest Items First – Start with the largest and heaviest items while loading the materials. This ensures a sturdy base and prevents damage to fragile items.
  3. Disassemble What You Can – Disassembling furniture will save space and make loading easier. Ensure to keep all screws and small parts in a labeled bag.
  4. Utilize All Available Space – Maximize all available space by stacking the items vertically. This not only saves space but also prevents items from being damaged.
  5. Distribute Weight Evenly – Distributing the weight of your belongings evenly helps maintain balance and stability during transport. Moreover, it prevents the damage of fragile items.

Supplies Needed

  1. Moving Boxes in Various Sizes – Sturdy moving boxes of various sizes help accommodate your diverse belongings. Small packages are ideal for heavy items, while larger containers are suitable for lighter, bulky items.
  2. Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper – Wrap fragile items using Bubble to prevent damage. 
  3. Push karts and Hand Trucks – Move furniture and other heavy items using push karts and hand trucks to ease the loading process and reduce the risk of damage.
  4. Furniture Padding and Straps – Wrap furniture with padding and straps to prevent scratches and dents.


Make your moving day smooth and stress-free by choosing the right moving truck size and understanding the different rental options. Remember the loading tips and supplies needed to safeguard your belongings.

Seeco has various and tailored rental options: Dry Vans, Forklifts, Manlifts, Reefers, Scissor Lift Rentals, and Truck Rentals.